Secondary Glazing Yelverton


I received the window last week and have just installed it, the fit was fine and it makes a huge difference to the traffic noise.

Many thanks


I found the service provided to be very professional and hassle free. At
this stage we have not fitted the secondary glazing, however I have
inspected the product and they appear to be of good quality and what was expected.

One always wants the price of products to be cheaper but I was pleasantly
surprised at the final bill.

Many thanks and I would happily recommend your product to our clients.

Kind Regards

Mr W Y


The windows were delivered yesterday as promised and I haven't unpacked them yet. I will provide feedback on closer inspection. So far I must say that I am very impressed with your service.



Hi there
I bought some windows from you about a year ago and they are
absolutely fantastic, they have made a huge difference to the noise in
my flat. I would like to buy some more for a new flat....


Hello again

We received our secondary glazing panels on Friday 16 January as arranged, all in excellent condition. We just thought we would like to inform you that all 20 panels are now fitted and we are very pleased with the result. We still have the trim to finish but are thankfully ready for any cold the weather may throw at us. We are very happy with the product and would like you to pass our thanks to all concerned.

Best regards

Our secondary double glazing is an an architectural aluminium secondary glazing system anchored into a hardwood subframe for maximum sound insulation and should not be confused with upvc or aluminium diy kits, it is fitted in St Paul's Cathedral and Teesside airport to name a tiny few of the architectural projects that our secondary double glazing system has been used. Perfect for homeowners.

Our range of Secondary Glazing is supplied and delivered fully assembled and factory glazed to Yelverton . Suitable for all types of buildings, including Yelverton schools, Yelverton colleges, Yelverton universities, Yelverton hotels, Yelverton offices, grade one and two listed buildings, conservation areas commercial buildings, public areas and for the Yelverton home.

Click here to enter secondary glazing online

View information and specifications on Hinged units, Horizontal sliders, Vertical sliders and Lift outs. Compare each system individually and see which is best for you.

If you aren't sure on what secondary glazing is or how to measure it, we provide full explanations.

 The advantages of Secondary double glazing are:
  • added security
  • increased comfort
  • no fuss installation
  • suitable for listed buildings
  • a professional system
  • easy to install yourself
  • ideal for conservation areas
  • eliminate draughts
  • reduced noise pollution
  • lower heating costs
  • increase the value of you home
  • can be installed in any situation

Bermingham House,
Blue Bridge Centre,
Hrndale Avenue,
Newton Aycliffe,

Tel: 01325 310520
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