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Horizontal Sliders Secondary Glazing

Horizontal Sliders Secondary Glazing
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The Product...

The Horizontal Slider is undoubtedly the most frequently used type of secondary glazing. Its uses are therefore widespread, being applied to high rise or low-level commercial properties, historic buildings as well as all kinds of domestic dwellings. Our solutions provides sensitive solutions to the problems created by noise and sound pollution.

How it Works

Generally available in two, three or four paneled versions. The secondary glazing panels are fitted with brass rollers, ensuring the smoothest sliding action. Twin brush seals provide excellent high sealing efficiency. This has been scientifically proven to eliminate draughts, increase thermal insulation and give greater improvements to the security of the primary windows. The security issue is further enhanced with the use of the latest locks and handles.

In 2 and 4 panel horizontal sliders, all of the secondary glazing panels are able to move. 3 panel horizontal sliders are available in systems where all secondary glazing panels move (CO3), or a single pane can be fixed (SS3)

How do I get a Quotation?

In order to obtain a quotation you need to email us with - widths x heights x style (e.g. two panel vertical slider, three panel horizontal slider, hinged unit etc).

You would be well advised to have a good look at the options available and which of those suits your requirements for the final operation of the products.

If you require assistance call 01325 310520 or email info@secondaryglazing.com. Please Note: Quotations are only available via e-mail, however you can have as much technical advice via telephone from our technical department, who are always happy to help.

Horizontal Sliders Secondary Glazing

The Technical Information...


Aluminium alloy extruded from 6063T6 alloy to BS1474.


Natural anodising to AA5 - BS 3987 Polyester Powder to BS 6496. Stock finishes in EP white/Van Dyke brown. High gloss finish. 60 microns. Other RAL colours upon request.


In accordance with BS 6206. Choices of 4mm or 6mm toughened, 6.4mm, 6.8mm Laminates and 6.4mm, 6.8mm Acoustic Glass. Comes in 4mm toughened as standard.

Weather Pile
Polypropylene draught strip to BS7386.


All gaskets extruded to BS 2782, standard colour black

Timber Sub-Frames - Sizes

21mm x 45mm Standard
30mm x 30mm Bay Adaptor

21mm x 62mm Reveal fix

Timber (extra cost) or PVCU (standard) Trims - Sizes

6mm x 26mm S.B.N.
6mm x 27mm S.B.N.
6mm x 37mm S.B.N.
6mm x 44mm S.B.N.
6mm x 55mm S.B.N.

6mm x 75mm S.B.N.
6mm x 15mm D.B.N.
6mm x 33mm D.B.N.
6mm x 43mm D.B.N.

Optional Extras

Chubb Locks
Budget Locks
Barrel Locks
Shoot Bolt Locks

Restricted Opening Locks
Arched Heads
Gothic Heads
Stacking Heads.

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