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Technical Information

Test for Watertightness

Test in accordance with BS6375. Part 1: Water temperature 17ºc classified for watertightness.

Test pressure class (Pa): 300

Watertightness Test
Occurrence of Leakage Position of Leakage
Pressure (Pa) Time (min)  
400 41 Leakage through fixed joint at X
500 47 Upwards spray at Y
600 50 Leakage through beading applied to cill at Z
Limit of Watertightness (Pa) 300Pa

Air Permeability

Test in accordance with BS5368 Part 1: Air temperature 19.5ºc, total window area 2.01m², this window is classified for air permeability as follows:

Test Pressure class (Pa):600

Air Permeability

Acoustic Performance

Sound Reduction Index measurements were conducted at the AIRO Acoustics Laboratory in accordance with BS2750: Part 3: 1980 and BS5821: Part 3: 1984, using a purpose built transmission suite. AIRO is accredited as a NAMAS TESTING Laboratory NO.0483.

The weighted sound reduction index, Rw = 45dB (BS5821: Part 3: 1984)

Frequency Hz R dB Frequency Hz R dB
100 23.2 800 49.8
125 26.9 1000 51.9
160 30.1 1250 51.0
200 36.8 1600 50.5
250 37.8 2000 50.0
315 37.1 2500 48.9
400 34.6 3150 43.3
500 43.1 4000 41.0
600 45.7 5000 44.5

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