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Traditional Balanced Vertical Sliders Secondary Glazing

Traditional Balanced Vertical Sliders Secondary Glazing

Vertical sliding secondary glazing designed especially for secondary glazing sash windows. These discreet units house self-supporting panes that remain in place at any chosen position.

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Download our Measuring Guide Balanced Vertical Slider / Tilting slider
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The Product...


  • Slim, unobtrusive aluminium profile
  • Smooth sliding action utilising spring balances to ensure ease of use and to support the weight of panel
  • Improved noise and thermal installation
  • Enhanced security
  • Suitable for arched applications
  • Suitable to have bevelled timber subframe to fix into bays /splayed reveals
  • Can be coupled or stacked with other units in the range to treat large areas of glazing or long runs of windows

Variations of Basic Unit

  • Slide pass version of the unit available
  • Standard and acoustic trickle vents are available
  • Larger trims and timber trims available at additional costs
  • Variety of stock colours available, plus access to over 200 RAL Colours (charges apply)
  • Curved in plan option available

Please Note:

Balanced units work on a spiral balance, this mechanism takes the weight of the "sash" making it very light to open and meaning that the "sash" will remain in any open position that you place it. On the non balanced version you take the weight of the "sash" and you engage a series of clips so that the "sash" can remain open, non balanced are fine for windows that you rarely open or are small in size, otherewise we recommend balanced units. Due to restrictions as a result of the spiral balance BVS units will not give you a full 50% clear opening where as VS units will give a full 50% clear opening.

If you require assistance call 01325 310520 or email info@secondaryglazing.com. Please Note: Quotations are only available via e-mail, however you can have as much technical advice via telephone from our technical department, who are always happy to help.

The Technical Information...


  • Glazing options: 4mm in our Classic range
  • Glazing options: 6mm – 10.8mm in our Enhanced range
  • Choice of timber subframes
  • Pre-drilled and countersunk for face fix and reveal fix through timber. Reveal fix through aluminum is selfdrilled
  • Woolpile & Q-Lon inserted into panel section groove for additional noise and thermal insulation
  • Gasket colour – white as standard, black also available upon request
  • PVCu trims supplied for the face of the units to create a neat, clean finish
  • Standard colour 9003 Satin White
  • Push button lock located centrally on mid rail

Optimum Noise Reduction: 50dB (Rw) Using 6mm toughened primary glazing and 6.8mm acoustic laminate secondary glazing

Optimum U Value: 1.868 W/m2K Using 4mm toughened Low E glazing, with 80mm glass-to-glass

Traditional BVS
Configuration Based on 4mm Glass Vertical Slider HBVS
Max width: 1,500mm
or Max height 3,000mm

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